Saturday, August 29, 2009


Phew that was another busy week.

Does anyone remember this test card from the olden days of TV, we had it in the UK when there wasnt anything to watch, I think it dates back to the late 1960s, ooh how time flies.

Anyway, my on line store is having an over haul so to speak and we plan to be off line for a short while, we'll have an intermission. hense the test card.

I shall keep blogging and hopefully all will come good When September Comes - so until then, I shall keep you posted.

I think i always wanted to be that little girl!!

Bye for now


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Marimekko lamp cover ~ a creative weekend

Well, apart from being a seriously busy weekend, a short BBQ event, a night out to see Hale and Pace at Twin Towns, where i almost split my sides with laughter, i have had time to cover my old lamp with some Mini Marimekko in the stunning blue/white colourway.

I must say im really pleaseed with the result. We had deocorated a while back and as usual I never get round to finishing what I start. So for some reason, this weekend was the one.

It was so easy to do and didnt take more than about 45 mins from beginning to end. Well had to pop to Bunnings of course to get some PVA glue, as the kiddies had some how used all the previous 2 litre bottle I was secretly hiding for a rainy day.

I cut and measured and rolled the drum over the fabric and glued on the inside flap and hey, a new lap. Quite pleased with it I must say.

All I need now is a canvas and some cushions to match and a new sofa, and nice new shiney rug and..............................................................................................

Have a fabulous creative week.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Retro scalloped edge Oilcloth tablecloth

Red/white polka dot scalloped edge

I have made today a lovely retro scalloped edge tablecloth.

I originally made this for a birthday party to cover my occasional table, so we wouldnt get too many drinks stains. The table size is about 1m x 1m sqare and this hung over nicely.

Friends all commented on how great this was, and all wanted one too in various colours and sizes. So here it is, a pic of one side. It looks esspecially gorgeous in the pink with the white polka dots, so shabby chic, but i love this retro dot.

I have now added this colourway to my store, and at $35.50 per metre, would make a superb gift or treat. I can make them from 1/2 metres upwards, and in any of the Mexican Oilcloth designs, as they hang beautifully. And great for the non-sewers amongst us. Something ready to use straight away.

Have a gorgeous day, the sun is shining.


My little birdy helper

How cute is this kookaburra, all week he/she has been sitting outside my office, just watching the dog who i share my office with and waiting for her to sleep she he can jump down and steal the remaining dog biscuits. Who says birds arn't clever.

And Cute as can be. I think in my next life i would like to come back as a kookaburra, not sure about eating dog food though!!!!!. a bit yukky!!

Oh well back to work.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And the winner of the blog giveaway is............

The lucky winner of my blog giveaway for the ribbons is Quirky Dolls, we done, my boys picked your entry from the hat at the weekend. I shall get these in the mail asap.

Thank you to all the entries and all the lovely comments and emails i received. I will be expanding my ribbon collection in September, with flamingoes, beach theme, sprinkle dots and lots more. I will blog about it near the time.

Off now to do some more sewing, its been a cushion week this week, Ive lost count of all the cushions i v made.

Catch you all soon


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lila Tueller ~ Santorini New In Store

My favourite

My favourite too

Or maybe this one

Just check out these beautiful colours and designs from Lila Tuellers new Santorini collection, dont you just love them.

Im not sure yet which is my favourite. Im going to be busy sewing this weekend, making some stunning cushion covers to liven up the place a bit. Umm not sure which one to pick first. I have 8 designs and colourways in all. 5 instore at present, the rest to follow.

Take a peek and check them out.

Happy sewing


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A free gift ~ Elephant Walk Book Bag

I have been sewing away today like a mad woman. I have been making book bags for preppies.
I have made this one from Sprout Design Elephant Walk.

It has a blue drawstring cord to one side and lined for extra strength and durability, so it can be swung around and around and around, as preppies do with some books or toys in.

I took this opportunity to photo it and add a blog post, these new book bags/toy bags will be available to buy from my new updated site in September, and will also be great for Christmas pressies too. Did i mention Christmas, sorry didnt mean to!!

It is so cute and can be yours with any fabric or decor purchase worth $75 at my store this week.

This one is made from the 100% cotton driill and measures 36cm long by 32cm wide, and beautifully finished inside.

I will be giving away one of these with each order of $75 or more this week at I Just Love That Fabric, so pop along and receive your freebie.

Happy shopping