Saturday, August 29, 2009


Phew that was another busy week.

Does anyone remember this test card from the olden days of TV, we had it in the UK when there wasnt anything to watch, I think it dates back to the late 1960s, ooh how time flies.

Anyway, my on line store is having an over haul so to speak and we plan to be off line for a short while, we'll have an intermission. hense the test card.

I shall keep blogging and hopefully all will come good When September Comes - so until then, I shall keep you posted.

I think i always wanted to be that little girl!!

Bye for now



Isabella Golightly said...

I always wanted to be her too until they used that in "Life on Mars" (the UK version) & the clown started talking... very creepy. Good luck with the overhaul!

Jenny @ Festoon said...

Ah how that takes me back - I wanted to be her too, I really loved her long hair!! Look forward to seeing your new site soon, good luck!

Jenny x