Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oilcloth Bunting Party Flags ~ giveaway

Well here they are, i finally got round to photoing these. Superb for a girly birthday party or bbq.

I made them double sided from Red Plum Linen Pettite Roses Oilcloth and the Mexican Oilcloth in the tutti frutti stripe.

Each flag is moveable, on the 2 metres of pink candy floss grosgrain ribbon as a chanel has been made for the ribbon to go through, so they can be all bunched together in the middle or spaced out along the 2 metres for a larger area. They should last for years, as the oilcloth is reasonably fade resistant.

I d say they took me about an hour from start to finish, after running out of cotton, which was a silly thing to do, popping to to the local habby shop and getting sidetracked as you do, finding a cake shop and a quick cappucino. Finally getting back to finish them off, yes definitely an hour.

If I dont get too distracted tomorrow, I m going to write up some basic make-up instructions, as they are so easy to make, i have had some emails asking if i sell patterns for bunting, but i dont unfortunately, as the pattern is so easy to make its just a triangle.

Id love some feedback on these, so im giving this set of party bunting away free.

My youngest is 9 this month, and HE would not appreciate pink flags at his party, so if you can guess his birthday this month, then the flags are yours - so a 1 in 30 chance, not bad.

You'll also see them in my store soon. They will be priced at approx AUD$25.00 for a set of 5 flags with 2 metres of grossgrain ribbon.

Bye for now!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oilcloth Obsessed ~ tablecloths and jugs

More on Oilcloth pvc plastic tablecloths.

I was taking some pics for the store and thought how pretty these looked, so have posted them here. Im really NOT obsessed with oilcloth, i just find it fun to work with and the colours are always fabulous. Im now stocking quite a few ranges in my on line store.

The jugs look just perfect on the pink dots. These are 2 from my jug collection which i bought over from the UK when we moved here 4 years ago, most have dots on , some are glass and some enamel and others are well just jugs i love. I was having a dust around and just looking for a new home to display them, when i thought how nice theyd look on this rose and dot oilcloth from Red Plum Linen, its so shabby chic.
My only shabby room in the house now is the laundry, where i seem to spend a lot of my time. My shabby cottage I had to leave behind in Northamptonshire.

Well im off now to make some oilcloth bunting, did I say "oilcloth" ~ I did, im making some for a party in the pistashio dots. Should look great.

Have a happy sewing weekend.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Beautiful Japanese Fabric Handbags by Vnessa

I had the pleasure of being invited to a Handbag Party last week, and of course being in need of a new handbag, i went along. It was held in a stylish Hair Salon on the Currumbin beach front, here on the beautiful Gold Coast, which is just so relaxing whilst getting your hair cut.

I popped along with a friend of mine and were dazzled by the fabulous prints and beautiful designs that Vanessa had on display. Making chosing one not such an easy job. We must have looked at every bag inside and out, the inside is a lovely as the outside by the way. Large bags for the day and smaller for the evening, we were truely spoilt for choice.

After a lot of looking and touching and chatting and relooking and deciding that I am only going to buy one at the moment, the choice was harder. But I did make a decision and quickly paid before i changed my mind.

I have put just a couple here to show you, she has a gorgeous collection. Take a look at Vanessa's website for more lovely styles and fabrics.

Vanessa is a very talented lady and this shows in her gorgeous designs and choice of fabrics.

If you would like to visit her web store then please visit www.vnessa.com.au for a closer look.

I chose a bag called "Peta" eventually and Vanessa is kindly making it for me. When it arrives I shall take some pics and show it off.

I wish the lovely Vanessa good luck in her venture. I shall be back for more yummy bags.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Organic fabrics from Thea & Sami

Stunning turquoise and cream fretwork, 55%hemp and 45% organic cotton, lovely and wide at 135cms and just lovely as table linen, wallart and cushion covers. Designed and hand screen printed with non toxic inks by Thea & Sami. I just love these designs.

Black and cream marguarites, 55%hemp and 45% organic cotton, also printed with non toxic ink, by Thea & Sami. fantastic as wall art.

Eco friendly and beautiful too.

Both available from my store now.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oilcloth Doorstops

Well, i did make some doorstops in this lovely fabric, and here they are, this is Hibiscus and you can just mop right around it. It has a jute handle which i find works well with the doorstops.

Luckily i took some pics in time, they have now been accosted by my daughter and her flat mate, they just walk right in and say, "oh these look good, i need one or two maybe, can i take these to save me waiting for you to make me some" . What can you say. Its nice to know that you are appreciated sometimes.

Well, i shall have some in my store for a while.

I will now get on and photo all the other lovely things i have made this week. I have had a sewing sort of week.

Red Lace Mexican Oilcloth Doorstop, in a pyramid shape.

I have been asked if I do ship to the US. Yes i do and everywhere else quite regularly, the doostops ship for a flat rate of AUD$8.50 anywhere. Australia free shipping.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kitch Mexican Oilcloth - how tasty is this retro design

This is so retro, Mexican Oilcloth ~ a lighter weight oilcloth than the usual, (which is usually cotton or cotton duck which has been laminated with pvc , so thicker) The ink is printed onto the first coat of Pvc, not onto the backing, this is then coated with a clear layer of Pvc, making it stain resitant and waterproof. The composition is 91% PVC AND 9% cotton and polyester.

The fabulous blue background and orange/pink hibiscus is just so yummy. I also have in my store the red lace Mexican Oilcloth too.

As I am on my never ending mission for oilcloth, im going to make a doorstopper in this, for an outside door I have that bangs around a lot, if it turns out well then I shall take a photo and post it here.

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Oilcloth Arrivals in Store

We have added some more beautiful new designs to our oilcloth pvc collection from Red Plum Linen this week, these are so beautifully soft and supple and very easy to sew with. Petitte Rose, Confetti Pink and English Rose. Available from 1/4 metre upwards. which is great for a childrens painting or cooking apron, doorstop or small craft project.