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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A small piece of Fame

Fame at last, one of my gorgeous oilcloth tablecloths has been featured in the  Donna Hay - Kids Magazine edition.

Our Baby Blue Gingham Oilcloth table cloth looks absolutely fab mixed with Baby Pink accessories, I Love it.

 Oilcloth tablecloths have become very fashionable over the last few years, with their easy care and wipeclean surfaces.  Todays most popular Oilcloths come in 2 different types, there is the 91% pvc type Mexican Oilcloth which is waterproof on both sides and is great for picnic mats, lunch bags, totes and all sorts, and is less expensive, whereas the Laminated cotton oilcloth is as it says, a gorgeous printed fashionable fabric which has been laminated on the top surface to give a hardwearing, durable and wipecleanable top.

Oilcloths are very easy to keep clean, very easy to sew and easy to turn into a multitude of gorgeous crafts, from tiny coin purses and doorstops to large beach bags and picnic mats.

Pop over to our store I Just Love That Fabric and take a look at our collection of floralsginghams, dots, stripes, tropical and chic oilcloth designs in lots of gorgeous soft and vibrant colours.

Now to look at those mouth watering recipes,  oooooh yummy!!
Susie x

Friday, April 30, 2010

Its not Pink.........its Black Board fabric

(Non screeeeeeching Black Board Fabric!! )

I know, i usually have the pinks,  oranges,  greens, blues but for today Black is the new pink.

Chalk Board/Black Board Cloth, what a brilliant idea, its the same as a black board, you can use it the same way,  but it can be rolled up and put away.
It can be found in the Oilcloth section in my store

Use it as a tablecloth at a kids party with their names on for seating, or doodle parties.  The uses and fun are endless. Or use as a portable blackboard for travelling.
The only thing that is different from the real chalk board/ blackboard is you cant make the chalk  ....screeeeeeech.  Do you remember at school that sound of sharp chalk scraping down the black board.  ooh i can hear it now.  Thats it.

Chalk/Board Black/Board Cloth Fabric, like an oilcloth but a matt finish
This is available from as little as $8.15 for a piece 60cm x 50cm

Enjoy the mess and NOT the screech


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LOVE Yummy Colours for Autumn from Amy Butler

Just such yummy greens and pinks in this gorgeous Amy Butler Laminated Cotton
waterproof on the topside and soft cotton underneath.

The sweetest mint and pink combination, large scale flowers, im off to make a tablecloth, just cant resist.


Friday, November 20, 2009

My Favourtie Fabric from Amy Butler

Paradise Garden

This design by Amy Butler, is on my list as one of my abosolute favs.
These large scale bursts of flowers are the best.  The big flower at the top measures 20cms by 25cms and the whole flower and stem is abou 60cms, WOW - flowers on a grand scale.

Using this as a tablecloth will give your table that WOW factor and in wipeclean oilcloth too, what more could I ask for - maybe as wall art too............

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Oilcloth Arrivals in Store

We have added some more beautiful new designs to our oilcloth pvc collection from Red Plum Linen this week, these are so beautifully soft and supple and very easy to sew with. Petitte Rose, Confetti Pink and English Rose. Available from 1/4 metre upwards. which is great for a childrens painting or cooking apron, doorstop or small craft project.