Thursday, November 27, 2008

Crafty Ideas for Friday

I just love pretty ribbons, like lollies in a jar, not sure which one is my favourite!

Heres a great idea to wrap a parcel. Iv used unbleached calico at $4.95 for 1metre x 80cm, and tied with some pretty grossgrain ribbons. Then in a nice pen your greeting can be written straight onto the fabric. Its quite personalised and takes no longer than with paper ~ only that the fabric is stronger, and doest tear. I think weve all been there ~ have you ever tried wrapping a surf board with paper!!!
Another great thing with this fabric, littlies can paint on it or make hand impressions and then once dried used as colourful wrap, the gliltter and glue can come out too. My two lovelies have a ball when we get going with this ~ give it a go it puts the fun back into wrapping.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fabulous Gift Tags

I was looking for some tags to label some special pressies. I had beautifully wrapped them in brown paper with colourful ribbon ties and as usual, not totally prepared wondered what i would label them with. So out came my fabrics and i had a rummage around. I had some plain cardboard labels, which weren't very inspiring, so i cut some oilcloth and stitched it over, finished of with some more grossgrain ribbon and hey i had designer tags.
I have since parted with many more to friends and family for their suitcases, when travelling abroad so easy to recognise.
I now have 2 designs available for sale in my store, sold in sets of 4, the roses will vary in position to those shown, but I always try and get the best part of the flower in.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cushions everywhere

With Christmas fast approaching, im giving all my old cushions and makeover, out with the old tatty things and in with some nice crisp new ones.
I recently made up an order for some of these Kaffe Fassett Verbena cushions and so have now decided to have some for myself, I just absolutely love this design, pink is of course being my favourite colour, along with orange and blue and of course green, well most colours. So im going to load up my sofa this week.
I always find that cushions are a quick and reasonably priced re decorating tool. quick and easy to make up and shouldn't cost the earth.
We managed some nice sunshine today here on the Gold Coast before that horendous storm so took 5 mins to take a quick photo of a couple of them in the sun.
More great ideas for cushions later!

Monday, November 17, 2008

My First Blog - here goes

Hello, my name is Susie and welcome to my Fabric Blog page,, i have just recently launched my new on-line fabric store ~ I Just Love That Fabric ~ you probably came through it on your way here.
I have a passion for beautiful fabrics whether for sewing or for wall art, bedding or crafts. I hope to be able to show you over the coming months, some great new fabrics and ideas for gifts and home furnishings, and how simple some of these things are to make. I also hope you will find inspiration from my Fabric Blog, where my ideas will become your ideas too in your home, with loads of images to inspire your imagination.
I love mixing different fabrics and textures for a vibrant fresh look, and discovering new textiles and designs which inspire me to create and sew.

So enough about me, for now, to get started i have posted a pic of one of my beautiful Marimekko Mini Unikko doorstops, I have been making these for the past 3 years and I send them all over the world. They have been made so they can be filled once they have reached their destination, hence saving hefty postage costs.
I fill with some soft toy stuffing which helps keep their shape and then just add about 1.5kgs fo rice or stones to a zip lock bag and there you have it , a Funky Cube Doorstop, ready to let the breeze through without the creaking and banging.
Thank you for visiting,