Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fabulous Gift Tags

I was looking for some tags to label some special pressies. I had beautifully wrapped them in brown paper with colourful ribbon ties and as usual, not totally prepared wondered what i would label them with. So out came my fabrics and i had a rummage around. I had some plain cardboard labels, which weren't very inspiring, so i cut some oilcloth and stitched it over, finished of with some more grossgrain ribbon and hey i had designer tags.
I have since parted with many more to friends and family for their suitcases, when travelling abroad so easy to recognise.
I now have 2 designs available for sale in my store, sold in sets of 4, the roses will vary in position to those shown, but I always try and get the best part of the flower in.


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Leah said...

They are gorgeous!!