Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beautiful Sprout Design Wall Art for Children

These are just the most cutest of critters, giant caterpillars and bright red tortoises. Also availabe as wall art are the elephants and giraffes. All available in my store now. Now that im back full time as blog writer and store owner, I shall be adding lots more lovely pics of these as i make them.

Wall art has become a very popular way of adding colour to rooms, without too much expense, and can change a way the room looks with just a few pics and scatter cushions.

The fabric is available also by the 1/4 metre, so if you feel creative enough, have a go.

More soon...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oilcloth Easy to Sew

Oilcloth is very easy cloth to sew, less hems are required and if you are like me and want it finished in a hurry, this is the ideal fabric to use. Above are some pictures of some quick items to sew. A doorstop, 1 fat quarter if plenty for this oilcloth doorstop. The childrens apron uses a fat quater too, with some lovely grossgrain ribbons for ties, great just to wipe clean after a cake making session.
The gift tags well, they are from offcuts of oilcloth, too lovely to throw away, so i made these up with a card backing and sticking the oilcloth with some pva glue and a grossgrain tie to finish off.

Happy sewing

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oilcloth pvc ~ What it is ~ Tips on Sewing Oilcloth

Oilcloth pvc ~ what is it?
Oilcoth is a specially treated fabric which has been waterproofed. Originally, oilcloth was made from oil impregnated canvas, leading to the name OILCLOTH, now it is in fact used in the modern sense to refer to cotton backed with a vinyl material which is waterproof and can easily be wiped clean.

The origin for Oilcloth can be found in sail making, as the original oilcloth was made from canvas and used by fishermen and sailors. the canvas material could be coated in oils, waxes and clays to make it waterproof and then used to wrap valuable materials for long sea journeys making them weather resistant. The colours would have been very limited back in those days as it was designed for function and not beauty.

Today, however Oilcloth comes in a variety of thickness and wonderful colours, with many more uses, Oilcoth can be used today in many ways including coverings for tables, chairs and pantry shelves, as well as outdoor cushions, covers for outdoor furniture, bags, totes, doorstops, and aprons, bunting decorations and much more.

Tips on How to sew Oilcloth Fabric ~
Oilcloth is relatively easy to sew, a teflon foot can be used in your sewing maching, making the friction less and the fabric will glide easily.

I personally use Silcon spray, i lightly spray the foot plate of the sewing machine and the pvc side of the oilcloth, eliminating any friction, thats all there is to it. It slides beautifully.
Have a practise first, you'll be amazed how easy it is.

If you dont need a hem for example on a tablecloth, I cut along the length with my pinking scissors (zig zag scissors) just for a nice finish.

I have a selection of oilcloth pvc in my store from designers Red Plum Linen and Cath Kidston available by the metre and 1/4 metre.

Happy sewing