Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oilcloth Doorstops

Well, i did make some doorstops in this lovely fabric, and here they are, this is Hibiscus and you can just mop right around it. It has a jute handle which i find works well with the doorstops.

Luckily i took some pics in time, they have now been accosted by my daughter and her flat mate, they just walk right in and say, "oh these look good, i need one or two maybe, can i take these to save me waiting for you to make me some" . What can you say. Its nice to know that you are appreciated sometimes.

Well, i shall have some in my store for a while.

I will now get on and photo all the other lovely things i have made this week. I have had a sewing sort of week.

Red Lace Mexican Oilcloth Doorstop, in a pyramid shape.

I have been asked if I do ship to the US. Yes i do and everywhere else quite regularly, the doostops ship for a flat rate of AUD$8.50 anywhere. Australia free shipping.

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