Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oilcloth Bunting Party Flags ~ giveaway

Well here they are, i finally got round to photoing these. Superb for a girly birthday party or bbq.

I made them double sided from Red Plum Linen Pettite Roses Oilcloth and the Mexican Oilcloth in the tutti frutti stripe.

Each flag is moveable, on the 2 metres of pink candy floss grosgrain ribbon as a chanel has been made for the ribbon to go through, so they can be all bunched together in the middle or spaced out along the 2 metres for a larger area. They should last for years, as the oilcloth is reasonably fade resistant.

I d say they took me about an hour from start to finish, after running out of cotton, which was a silly thing to do, popping to to the local habby shop and getting sidetracked as you do, finding a cake shop and a quick cappucino. Finally getting back to finish them off, yes definitely an hour.

If I dont get too distracted tomorrow, I m going to write up some basic make-up instructions, as they are so easy to make, i have had some emails asking if i sell patterns for bunting, but i dont unfortunately, as the pattern is so easy to make its just a triangle.

Id love some feedback on these, so im giving this set of party bunting away free.

My youngest is 9 this month, and HE would not appreciate pink flags at his party, so if you can guess his birthday this month, then the flags are yours - so a 1 in 30 chance, not bad.

You'll also see them in my store soon. They will be priced at approx AUD$25.00 for a set of 5 flags with 2 metres of grossgrain ribbon.

Bye for now!!


zofia said...

OK, I'll try 9th April?

Thea said...

15th April? These would look great in my studio and I think they are better in oilcloth as a quick wipe would make them easy to clean.

I am... said...

Oh i love them, and ive been trying to find oilcloth so thanks for the shop link.
i found you via living creativly id love to have a shot at the rak ;) to see the oil cloth in person. not to mention some cute flags for my room

Leigh said...

April 17th! The 17th is a good day!

Becca said...

April 28th?

Denny1600 said...

I'll guess April 10th. Another young friend of mine has his birthday then.


Jenni R. said...

Is it March or April? I'll try the 14th. Love oilcloth--ever been to Kitsche Kitchen in Amsterdam? It's a great place for everything made with it!

loviesformybabies said...

April 13th.

Mary :) said...

We have lots of birthdays in April so I'm going to guess April 7th.

bubbachenille said...

Hello, gorgeous bunting...I'll guess the 16th!

lou said...

I have just discovered this website and love it. And my little girl would love the bunting so I am guessing April 23.

Alannah Rose said...

I'll guess for the 26th.
Gorgeous fabrics on your site, found you through Style Collective.