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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cupcakes, Cherries & Caterpillars

Look at the yummy ribbons, cupcakes, cherries and catepillars

Grossgrain ribbons are just so gorgeous, great for apron strings, tote handles, trimming and hair bows.  
These three are just a few from my store collections, pop over and check out the rest here

Ive used the cherry ribbon as ties on the red gingham apron in my store, so cute, too nice to use.

Happy looking 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Polka Dots & Cupcakes ~ Party bags

Easter bags, party bags, play bags, little book bags, they can be called anything, but I like to call them party bags, as they are just large enough to hold some yummy lollies, and few goodies.  The bag in itself is a gift.

These are also environmentally friendly, as can be used time and time again, by the little party goer.

Each bag is hand made in a gorgeous polka dot cotton fabric and cupcake grossgrain handles, fully overlocked on the inside and double stitched for strength.

These were a special order for a customer and thought they turned out so well, that id share with you all.

3 Little Party bags

$12.00 for 3($4.00 each) individually.
These will be in store from tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And the winner of the blog giveaway is............

The lucky winner of my blog giveaway for the ribbons is Quirky Dolls, we done, my boys picked your entry from the hat at the weekend. I shall get these in the mail asap.

Thank you to all the entries and all the lovely comments and emails i received. I will be expanding my ribbon collection in September, with flamingoes, beach theme, sprinkle dots and lots more. I will blog about it near the time.

Off now to do some more sewing, its been a cushion week this week, Ive lost count of all the cushions i v made.

Catch you all soon


Friday, July 31, 2009

Blog Givaway time, Lovely Grosgrain ribbons

Cupcakes, Daisies, Strawberries, Caterpillars & Stripes

Time for another quick giveaway, simply 8 beautiful 1/2 metres of grosgrain ribbon from my collection, stripes, cupcakes, strawberries, daisies, caterpillars and one surprise piece from my new collection coming soon.

So in total 4 metres of ribbon, which is great for decorating all sorts of things, bows, hair ribbons, trimmings, cake decoration, lovely bag handles etc etc............

Im having an early spring clean and have loads of off cuts and remnants, so thought Id treat you to a giveaway.

My usual rules apply, please leave a comment for me below, have a twitter and possibly follow my blog if you'd like to. We have a great spring coming up, and a newsletter in the coming months to join. I have already lined up my next giveaway too, for September, which you'll love.

To enter ~

1. Simply leave a comment below, or just your name will do.

2. Make sure I can contact you, either thru your blog or leave a valid email address.

3. Feel free to twitter or follow my blog, not compulsory of course, I'd like you to read and enter because you want to not as a condition of entry.

4. Last entries for this Giveaway are to be made by midnight AEST Friday 14th August and the winner will be drawn randomly by my children on Saturday 15th August and the winner will be contacted on the Monday.

Good luck and Thank you in advance for commenting.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Caterpillars, Cupcakes, Strawberries and Daisies

Yummy grossgrain ribbons, I love that feeling of the post van pulling up outside and rummaging in the back for your parcel. Its just so exciting, this week it was a small brown box packed with ribbons and buttons.

The cutest caterpillars ever, some cupcakes and daisies, and some more strawberry pie, so yummy.

Hope you all like them!!