Thursday, March 18, 2010

Polka Dots & Cupcakes ~ Party bags

Easter bags, party bags, play bags, little book bags, they can be called anything, but I like to call them party bags, as they are just large enough to hold some yummy lollies, and few goodies.  The bag in itself is a gift.

These are also environmentally friendly, as can be used time and time again, by the little party goer.

Each bag is hand made in a gorgeous polka dot cotton fabric and cupcake grossgrain handles, fully overlocked on the inside and double stitched for strength.

These were a special order for a customer and thought they turned out so well, that id share with you all.

3 Little Party bags

$12.00 for 3($4.00 each) individually.
These will be in store from tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful party bags.