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Friday, December 14, 2012

Santa's Beach Elf

We are so privlidged to have our very own in Store Beach Elf, jingling around the place.

We are giving away Reindeer food with every $10 spent in store, or you can just pop in and purchase.

Our Reindeer food once sprinkled on your drive, will guide the reindeer to your chimney.

Come and say hello if you are in Palm Beach, on the Gold Coast, Queensland.  

We are open from 9 to 1.00 and the Beach Elf will be here between 10,30 and 12.30

Check out those ears!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Simple Summer Party Dress ~ Marimekko Mini Unikko

Being a lover of all things bright and colourful, this must be the pretties party dress yet and I have great pleasure in sharing this fabulous creation with you.
Teresa who has a wonderful blog full of inspiration, chat and of course her creations at

This would truely make any little girl want one.  These fantastic 1960s poppies are still as fashionable to day as they were then, even more so.

Made in Marimekkos Mini Unikko Bright cotton. For a little tutorial pop over to her blog - all instructions are there with fab pictures too

Just the perfect colours for a little girls party dress.  

We have a collection of gorgeous Marimekko prints in store from the very largest Unikko poppies to these small Mini poppies - suitable for clothing, homewares, art, bags, or just having.

Susie x

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Loving Marimekko xx

Simply loving Marimekko fabrics, especially the Unikko designs, timeless and just so....................

Here are a couple of  new additions to our store, drool worthy cushions.

Make a statement with these beauties..........

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Something to be said about Gingham

Gingham once again has become so popular, a reminder maybe of Grandmas kitchen pantry shelves covered in sticky back plastic gingham paper, or her pretty cotton apron.

Ive always been a lover of gingham, for tablecloths and teatowels, mixed with dots and stripes.  

Birthday parties are a great favourite, and gingham always looks fresh, and can be in any setting, retro, shabby chic or traditional, whatever the mood.

So without having to sew a thing, you can just throw it over the table and hey, a new look.  Cut the edges in a scallop all the way round and you have a gorgeous new tablecloth.

The retrun of the Gingham Tablecloth

Now available at 
pop in and take a look

Susie x

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Gorgeousness in Canvas

Still only time for quick blogs, the school hols rule and just finding a few minutes here and there to update and blog.  But its been fun, we now have one broken wrist in the household.  Poor Ollie, was Army jumping a fence as boys do and bam, landed on his wrist, so no more sport for 6 weeks at least and unfortunately no trip to Rockhampton for the State Nipper Titles, he was so looking forward to. 
But these things happen and maybe now he will think twice about army jumping fences... although probably not.

So with all the various trips to the hospital and fracture clinic and so on, my blog has been a little neglected, I managed to add a 3rd coloumn to my blog which was fun to say the least.  

Now on to the business of fabric,  just adding a few gorgeous fabrics from the fabulous Surface Art, these are canvas weight and great for upholsterings and soft furnishings, lovely and thick.
available only in 100% cotton canvas

available in the 100% cotton drill & canvas
These stunning designs are just a few that are available in my store.  The leaf & sand colourway being new in this week along with a few others.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Marimekko lamp cover ~ a creative weekend

Well, apart from being a seriously busy weekend, a short BBQ event, a night out to see Hale and Pace at Twin Towns, where i almost split my sides with laughter, i have had time to cover my old lamp with some Mini Marimekko in the stunning blue/white colourway.

I must say im really pleaseed with the result. We had deocorated a while back and as usual I never get round to finishing what I start. So for some reason, this weekend was the one.

It was so easy to do and didnt take more than about 45 mins from beginning to end. Well had to pop to Bunnings of course to get some PVA glue, as the kiddies had some how used all the previous 2 litre bottle I was secretly hiding for a rainy day.

I cut and measured and rolled the drum over the fabric and glued on the inside flap and hey, a new lap. Quite pleased with it I must say.

All I need now is a canvas and some cushions to match and a new sofa, and nice new shiney rug and..............................................................................................

Have a fabulous creative week.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Retro scalloped edge Oilcloth tablecloth

Red/white polka dot scalloped edge

I have made today a lovely retro scalloped edge tablecloth.

I originally made this for a birthday party to cover my occasional table, so we wouldnt get too many drinks stains. The table size is about 1m x 1m sqare and this hung over nicely.

Friends all commented on how great this was, and all wanted one too in various colours and sizes. So here it is, a pic of one side. It looks esspecially gorgeous in the pink with the white polka dots, so shabby chic, but i love this retro dot.

I have now added this colourway to my store, and at $35.50 per metre, would make a superb gift or treat. I can make them from 1/2 metres upwards, and in any of the Mexican Oilcloth designs, as they hang beautifully. And great for the non-sewers amongst us. Something ready to use straight away.

Have a gorgeous day, the sun is shining.