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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Simple Summer Party Dress ~ Marimekko Mini Unikko

Being a lover of all things bright and colourful, this must be the pretties party dress yet and I have great pleasure in sharing this fabulous creation with you.
Teresa who has a wonderful blog full of inspiration, chat and of course her creations at

This would truely make any little girl want one.  These fantastic 1960s poppies are still as fashionable to day as they were then, even more so.

Made in Marimekkos Mini Unikko Bright cotton. For a little tutorial pop over to her blog - all instructions are there with fab pictures too

Just the perfect colours for a little girls party dress.  

We have a collection of gorgeous Marimekko prints in store from the very largest Unikko poppies to these small Mini poppies - suitable for clothing, homewares, art, bags, or just having.

Susie x

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Marimekko Wall Art - Sunny Sunday

This is what sundays are made of - nippers first thing in the morning, a gynastics gala in the afternoon, and then the movies, what more can you do in a day i ask myself.

Well, our renovations have just started so im taking all my canvases off the wall and putting them away, so the dust doesnt get them.   Although if the electricians work is anything to go by, I think I might go into storage aswell......

My lovely Marimekko canvas in sunshine orange and yellow is going into storage upstairs, it will be so nice to get it back out in the new year and I will run up some bright new cushions in Mini Marimekko to match.

Heres to a good week of work, cleaning and sewing loads of cushions

Saturday, May 9, 2009

How to make Canvas Wall Art

Easy Instructions on how to make a Canvas Wall Art.
What you will need for the job.

Allow 1 hour for your first.
A blank canvas ~ available at the cheapie shops. 1m square is approx $25.00 Fabric - enough to cover all round, allow an extra 20cm in length and width. Craft Stapler and staples

Tape measure

Cord or tape to hang your finished artwork

E.g. 1m square canvas, i would need 1.20m length of fabric by 1.20m wide (most furnishing fabrics are 1.35 or more wider.

1. Remove all creases from the fabric.

2. Lay the fabric face down on a clean surface.

3. Place the blank canvas face down on top of the fabric.

4. Position the design to suit, making sure there is enough fabric for edges and turnover .

5. Start at the top and in the centre and gently staple out towards the edges every 3cms or so, stopping about 5cms from the corners.

6. Repeat for the botton, pulling the fabric taught, up till 5cms from corner.

7. Staple the left side firmly by do not pull tight up till 5cm from corner.

8. Staple the righthand side pulling taught, up till 5cm from corner.

9. Neatly fold and staple each corner, trying not to leave any bulges.

Once you have completed one canvas then the next is even easier.