Friday, April 30, 2010

Its not Pink.........its Black Board fabric

(Non screeeeeeching Black Board Fabric!! )

I know, i usually have the pinks,  oranges,  greens, blues but for today Black is the new pink.

Chalk Board/Black Board Cloth, what a brilliant idea, its the same as a black board, you can use it the same way,  but it can be rolled up and put away.
It can be found in the Oilcloth section in my store

Use it as a tablecloth at a kids party with their names on for seating, or doodle parties.  The uses and fun are endless. Or use as a portable blackboard for travelling.
The only thing that is different from the real chalk board/ blackboard is you cant make the chalk  ....screeeeeeech.  Do you remember at school that sound of sharp chalk scraping down the black board.  ooh i can hear it now.  Thats it.

Chalk/Board Black/Board Cloth Fabric, like an oilcloth but a matt finish
This is available from as little as $8.15 for a piece 60cm x 50cm

Enjoy the mess and NOT the screech


Friday, April 23, 2010

Beautiful Fabric Giveaway Time

The winner will be informed on Monday after the draw

Well , its been a very busy week, sewing and cutting and allsorts.

I had an order for a doorstop in a fabric I now I only had a tiny amount left in, and of course I said yes, as you do, and then spent the next half a day searching thru boxes and boxes of off cuts, end rolls, bits and bobs, until finally I found what I was looking for.Sooooooo...

Anyway, to cut a boring storey short.  I came across loads of scraps and off cuts from the same designers, and being short on a bit of space at present.  I have decided to bag these up in 500g lots and post on my giveaway.
So the first of a couple of great giveaways is this grab bag, so to speak.  of Surface Art off cuts. 100% cotton drill and simply gorgeous and 6 assorted sizes and colourways. Enough for crafting and a couple of small pillows .

From left to right we have :-
Mikko in chino/lipstick (2 pieces - 145cm x 15cm & 40cm x 30cm), 
Japanese Floral in Ruby(72cm x 48cm), 
Japanese Floral in Charcoal (90cm x 14cm), 
Japanese Floral in Pink  (6 pieces - 2 large and 4 smaller)
Japanese Floral in Olive (36cm x 16cm)

Sadly some of these gorgeous Japanese Floral colourways are now discontinued.  And I only have a few remnants now listed in store.

To enter is simple -
1. Please leave a comment, as to your favourite Surface Art Fabric in my store.
2. Please become a follower on my Blog.
3, Leave a contactable email address in the comment.
4. For 1 extra entry please mention or link this Giveaway me on your Facebook Page.
5. For 2 extra entries please also tweet about this Giveaway,


Thats it.

We will close this Giveaway next Friday night AEST 30th April and randomly choose the lucky winner.
Thank you so much for entering in advance. 


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wow im a lucky winner

Ive won my first blog giveaway.  
Its from the lovely Clare from  Clare's Craftroom.

Ive won a Sewing Machine Apron Pattern, I cant wait to receive it.  Id forgotten i had entered, what a lovely surprise to win. 

Thank you Clare


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Loving these Hunky Dory colours

So Hunky Dory. 

Look what arrived today. 
Ive been waiting for my delivery and today was the day, all boxed up and waiting to burst out into my office.  
Simply loving this new collection from Chez Moi and the colours are just glorious. 

Heres a couple of my favs

Garden is just a riot of colour, flowers singing in the breeze, so spring, so colourful, so girly and the Bud are like little pansies smiling all in a row.

I hope you enjoy looking at these new fabrics, as I do.

Have a Happy Weekend, new blog giveaway coming your way next week too..


Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Gorgeousness in Canvas

Still only time for quick blogs, the school hols rule and just finding a few minutes here and there to update and blog.  But its been fun, we now have one broken wrist in the household.  Poor Ollie, was Army jumping a fence as boys do and bam, landed on his wrist, so no more sport for 6 weeks at least and unfortunately no trip to Rockhampton for the State Nipper Titles, he was so looking forward to. 
But these things happen and maybe now he will think twice about army jumping fences... although probably not.

So with all the various trips to the hospital and fracture clinic and so on, my blog has been a little neglected, I managed to add a 3rd coloumn to my blog which was fun to say the least.  

Now on to the business of fabric,  just adding a few gorgeous fabrics from the fabulous Surface Art, these are canvas weight and great for upholsterings and soft furnishings, lovely and thick.
available only in 100% cotton canvas

available in the 100% cotton drill & canvas
These stunning designs are just a few that are available in my store.  The leaf & sand colourway being new in this week along with a few others.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Very French Chic

Loving this Mexican Oilcloth in Black & White - very French Chic

New in store, 120cm wide, easy to sew and make into lots of gorgeous things, or just throw across a table for quick party chic.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Over 15% off Red Polka Dot Oilcloth ~ just for Easter

Happy Easter ~ 
Red with white polka dots, gorgeous Mexican Oilcloth 
~ Special Easter price of $19.95 per metre ~

Come and take a look at our fabulous range of Mexican and Laminated cotton Oilcloth, we have every colour - well almost!!

New Black & White French Chic now in store

Easy to cut into a gorgeous tablecloth, no need to sew, no hemming needed. easy peasy.

Have a fab Easter Weekend and thank you for dropping by.