Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bettie Birdie ~ Retro bunting/hanging birds

Its so nice to have my camera back at long last, and take some pics of my renovations and also my new Bettie Birdies.  
I wanted to make some bunting,  but didnt want the regular triangles, which i love  and have in my laundry.  I wanted something slightly different.

I had a rummage around in my workroom, because I new hiding somewhere was the bird pattern I had made last year, for some patches on teeshirts.  After some frantic emptying of boxes, I found her.  I had named her Bettie Birdie.  I file in mysterious ways!!!!!

Anyway to cut a long story short, I broke out my oilcloth and made these gorgeous doublesided Birdies.  And they do the trick, just what I wanted.  I have since been asked if I sell these, so here they are, in my Made It Shop.   
Pop over if you get a minute, Iam running an offer with these ~ if you buy 4 you can have the 5th totally FREE.

Vintage Pink 

Happy decorating.
Susie x


theoldboathouse said...

That is such a clever idea...she is too cute, cheers katherine

clare's craftroom said...

I love Bettie ! She is a little sweetie .