Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yoga & Exercise Mat Bag

My daughter requested a bag to put her yoga mat in, as she was fed up with carrying it under her arm.  

Yes I know the feeling, my mat is like a floppy fish, I lost the tie, and when I finish my class, and roll it up, it just as quickly unrolls.  So together we designed a pretty bag to carry that large floppy piece of foam in.

And here it is. Now listed in my store and  also in my  Made It  store and my daughter took the other.  Im going to add it to my store aswell this evening.
It is made from one of my Lila Tueller gorgeous Party Dress fabrics, has a rope handle that easily flings over your shoulder.

Available in all the lightweight fabrics and organic Beyond The Sea fabric too.  If you would like a specific fabric, or even a slightly wider fit, then drop me an email.

Susie x

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