Friday, July 17, 2009

Return to sewing, the holiday is over...

Town of 1770

Well, didn't we have a lovely time camping here on this absolute beachfront campsite - Town of 1770. The sky was blue and sea was bluer and i was just a little bluer than that - freezing is not an understatement.

This picturesque town is so beautiful and if i could live there i would.

With log fires and toasted marshmallows at night, this was a truely lovely time. I did miss my sewing machine. It takes a few days to unwind and get used to the camping lark, walking out to the bathroom and dishwashing in the open air, but once settled in and into the swing of camping life its all good fun.

The boys played on the beach and we just sat and watched till sunset. Ahhhhh... with a beer or two.

I had made myself a nice new oilcloth tablecloth in the hibiscus with pink background, just to brighten up the camp table to add some colour to the khaki of the tent. It was so admired by lots of campers, i could have set up a stall and sold them!!



clare's craftroom said...

Yes and you would have sold out in no time . Great to see you back .

Chi Designs said...

I was there after Christmas - gorgeous place!

Slices of Beauty... said...

Great times you had!
Lovely to have you back.

Christie Burnett said...

Oooh, so jealous, we hoped to stay there two Christmases ago but couldn't get accomodation so headed to Fraser Island instead.

It looks heavenly.

Christy said...

welcome back!