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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Amy Butler Laminated Cotton/Oilcloth Offer

  Todays great offer is a fabulous bundle of Amy Butlers Laminated Oilcloth fabrics
4 pieces ( 68cm x 50cm each) equivalent to 1 metre

Today only $36.00 or the bundle.  Usually $45.00 (20% off)

Each fat quater measures  68cm x 50cm and is large enough for most projects, bags, roll up bags, nappy holders, bunting flags, doorstops, wipeclean cushion.  
We stock a large range of oilcloth and laminated cotton, pop in store for more bundles

Amy Butler Laminated Cotton/oilcloth bundle

So my camera isnt working, im not surprised, as i took it to the beach last week, and like the kind loving mother that i am handed it to my 9 year old, to click away merilly.

Not until i turned and looked that I saw to my horrow, 2 hands covered in SAND........  I looked at him , I looked at my camera and just shook my head.  Well at least he had fun for 5 minutes.
We closed the the lens and packed it away, after shaking all the sand out.

When some new fabric arrived earlier this week, I excitedly got my camera out and YES, it had sand in it.  I  had totally forgotten we had taken it to the beach and the sandy hands incident.

So it is now at Teds being de-sanded so I can use it again.
So again whilst this is happening, i thought Id add some special offers for the Easter holiday, seeing as though i cannot take any new pics of my nice new quilting fabrics  until next week hopefully!!!

I shall have a special each day, with the previous being put back to its original price.  So be quick because they will change quickly.

Heres todays.  happy shopping........

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