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Sunday, August 15, 2010

15% off Day today - Monday Madness

Wow, its Monday again, and the sun is shining, we thought we'd kickstart the week with a 15% off day Mad Monday
in store

Grab your coupon code of (AUG17) to use at checkout and receive your special 15% discount today.

 What this space also for some great new items arriving in store soon.

Have a fabulous week and  happy sewing and crafting.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fabric sale Fabric Sale

I have that spring feeling, for spring cleaning and clearing out cupboards and shelves, sorting out fabrics and having a bit of a sale. A bit like moley from "The Wind in The Willows" white washing the walls and then breaking free to enjoy the sunshine.

After realising that this feeling comes from when i lived in the northern hemisphere, and everyone looked forward to spring and daffodils and sunshine after Christmas, but not here in Australia, Autumn and winter are next before spring, but it must be an inbuilt thing in my body clock. So i will forget about Autumn and think Spring instead!!

Anyway, ive added some more to my fabric sale in my store this week, as im having an "Autumn clean" so take a peek. Most designs are just remnants, there is some meterage, so check the availability. Happy shopping.

Oh and please let me know if you have that Spring Feeling too, id love to hear from - or is it just me!!

Have a great day,


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fabric clear out....

Thought id have a quick fabric clear out this week, and once i started looking i discovered all sorts of lovely fabrics, that i had forgotten about. When i turned round i had this mountain of fabric behind me, like a little ones in search of something at the bottom of the toybox. So then had to neatly tidy them all away to make room for all the new fabrics i will be buying this year, oh i cant wait, thats the fun part, having them arrive at the door - its so exciting.
Some i have put a Fabric Sale on in my store- mainly quilting fabrics, to make some room, Isadora Phoexnix dots, Tanya Whelan Ava Rose and Dena Designs.