Friday, December 17, 2010

G for Giraffe - Chalkies ~ Creative Customer #4

from the talented Steph at

How cute is this gorgeous critter, with a little chalk belly to write special little messages or draw pictures on.

"Steph can make anything you see in any color or fabric that you choose to suit your style or the style of your nursery. Made to order is available and we also have ready to post items which are great for that special Christmas or Birthday gift"

These chalkies can be found in Stephs Etsy Store G for Giraffe if she hasnt sold out. Can also be found on facebook too.

The black board fabric/chalk cloth can be found in my store
and is availalbe from a small remnant piece of 30cm x 50cms to meterage.  
Its great for kids and so versatile and easy to sew with too.

Thank you for sharing.
Susie x


Steph G for Giraffe said...

Thanks for the shout out!! :D Will be adding more characters really soon :)

Susie said...

You are welcome Steph, cant wait to see them, I will in the market for one in the new year to send over to the Uk for a little boys first birthday in Feb. So if you just happen to make a blue or green, let me know. Thanks.


Steph G for Giraffe said...

Sure will :) Ill be making a few new colors hopefully this week and can also make a Bear, Cat, Bunny or Monkey :D