Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pink Tulips

One of my favourtie fabrics.  Tulipa by Andrew Martin

I was rummaging, as you do thru piles of fabric, sorting some for a good cause and some to list on ebay, when I came across this.  Tulips of all shapes and sizes

I remember buying this wonderful tulip fabric designed by Andrew Martin, I beleive its called Tulipa, but not too sure on that..  I bought it years ago and never did anything with it.  Just saved it for a rainy day.

So in one of my quick crafty moments I popped off to my local Bunnings and purchased a blank canvas and wipped up some designer artwork.

Ive hung it in the hallway for the timebeing, and it makes a great statement measuring  about 100cm x 60cm.  I now on the search for the blue version, and the large single tulips, which is even more stunning.

One of my  favourite fabrics


Elizabeth said...

Very pretty indeed....Love that fabric.

Jenny @ Festoon said...


Priscila said...

wow! What an amazing fabric...that would look great as a headboard!!
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Karin said...

That's a gorgeous fabric indeed. I can see a summerdress with that. Pretty!