Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Just Love These Yummy Retro Pineapples

Well just look at these, yummy pineapples. I stumbled on to these quite by chance ~ I was on a surfing mission and got way layed as you do, and started looking at different totally unrelated things, then I saw them and thought of all the wonderful sewing possibilities if I had a metre or two.
I tracked the print down to a very friendly lady called Thea, from Thea & Sami and discovered that she was infact a textiles designer of limited edition fashions and homewares.

Club Tropicana drinks are free.... ~ (giving away my age there)

These pineapples are printed on a slightly off white 100% linen and non toxic water based ink. Each pineapple measures 18cm tall.

Not only are they printed in very festive colours, but once Christmas is over this design will look good all year round. Im thinking Table Runners, Table Clothes, Place Settings and Aprons, so scrummy and fresh.

I shall have this gorgeous fabric for sale in my on-line store next week, in the summer arrivals collection and the minimum cut will be 1/4 metre (thats 65cm x 50cm), which is enough for any small project, and I shall also be making a table runner for Christmas as a treat for myself, which will be posted here.

Bye for now -

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