Friday, October 16, 2015

A Fancy Cushion Tutorial

Fancy Cushion

We have used Amy Butler's gorgeous fabrics and new brocade ribbons to create this gorgeous cushion.

Front of cushion is in Amy Butler's Alchemy Queen Anns Butterflies, Sketchbook in cream on reverse.
3 lengths of Alchemy Brocade Ribbon

How to make this Fancy Zipped cushion cover.
Decorate your home with gorgeous handmade cushions, this tutorial will show you step by step how to make this embellished fancy cushion cover.  We put the trim on this one, just because we love it so much, but this is an option. 
What is needed to start
  • ·         Sewing machine & Iron
  • ·         Scissors & pins
  • ·         Tape measure
  • ·         Your choice of fabric and trim
  • ·         Coordinating cotton or a light cream is always good to have
  • ·         1 nylon zipper 30cms for a 40cm x 40cm cushion (use a zip that is appox 5 to 10cms shorter than the size of your cushion
  • ·         Unpicker

Lets get started........................

Step 1 –
  • ·         Cut your fabric into 2 equal squares 45cm x 45cm for a 40cm x 40cms cushion (1/2 metre of fabric is sufficient for one cushion.
  • ·         Cut your ribbon into 45cm lengths
  • ·         Fold the front side of your cushion where the ribbon is going to be sewn
  • ·         Pin your ribbon to the fabric
  • ·         Sew the ribbon/ribbons to the fabric.  

Step 2
  • ·         Place the 2 good sides of your fabric together and align the corners, you will want your zipper at the bottom of your cushion, so make sure the bottom of the pattern is the zipped end.
  • ·         Place your zip in the centre and pin at each end  just before the clasp and stopping point (do not pin the zip)
  • ·         Stitch and back stitch the first couple of cms before the pin at each end – approx. 2 cms from the edge of the fabric
  • ·         Change the stitch length to a  Basting Stitch/ long stitch  (tacking stitch) and sew along the gap in-between the 2 ends.
  • ·         Remove the pins and flatten out the edges by ironing.

Step 3
  • ·         Place your zip again good side down in to the centre of the ironed seem and pin just before the zipper and end stopper.
  • ·         Change your foot to your zipper foot.  Consult your manual if you are unsure.  A zipper foot can vary from different machines, some it is plastic, others metal
  • ·         Sew along each side.  You may have to change your foot from left to right for each side.

Step 4
  • ·         Once you have finished attached the zip turn over and with your unpicker gently unpick the tacking stitches  in-between the 2 ends.
  • ·         Undo your zip a few cms so you can access the good side of your cushion once sewn all round.
  • ·         Finally place the goods sides together and pin your cushion all the round on the 3 sides that do not have a zip. 
  • ·         Sew all 3 sides
  • ·         Cut any loose cotton ends, and turn right side out - gently iron (not the ribbons)  --  Wow theres your cushion - all done.


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Nicki Richards said...

Oh wow! I have seen these in your shop and I just love that you are helping people make their own. It definitely makes it seem more precious then. I might have to pop in one of these days. Good on you!