Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lamp Time

Fab Marimekko citrus mini unikko lamp, against the back drop of Amy Butlers fab Temple Tulips wallpaper, I love it, My hubby is not too sure.

I have this display in my store at the moment, and it does look pretty good, clashy yes, edgey yes, just need some gorg seating to go with it.

Let me know your thoughts,

  • Yes I love this combination
  • No its too busy
  • It looks good, but I couldnt live with it
  • Yes I could live with it

I like things to be different and non matching whereas my hubby likes to have all things that match, umm we get a bit of a muddle I can tell you.  

Anyway your feedback would be interesting to know, and if you want to see this for yourself, just drop by my New fabric store in Palm Beach Avenue, Palm Beach, Gold Coast, Qld.  

1 comment:

Misa said...

I love it. I think the mismatching makes things so much more interesting to look at!