Thursday, February 16, 2012

Inside Our Store

Well, ive finally found the time to sit and write, its been a crazy couple of months since December, decorating the store, keeping the kids organised, surfing, school, but now able to sit back and do some planning for the months ahead.

I m now stocking some of the most gorgeous fabrics to be found in Australia, and welcomed Bird Textiles to our store in January.

Being here in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast just a stones throw from the beach itself, is absolutely fab, and with some gorgeous shops surrounding me from coffee to beachy furniture, im in my element.

Enjoy looking at some of my pics of the store and if you are this way at all pop in and say Hi!!

New Warwick Bondi Fabric Cushions, in Callippo

Lou Lou Thi Velveteen Cushion

Today Store Window 

Oilcloth Ladder

Pam Kitty Morning Fabrics - soo cute

Enjoy Browsing.

Susie x


designed to a T said...

Looks great Susie. I'm on my way up to QLD in a couple of weeks. May just try to stop in on the way home. Are you open Mondays?...T

Susie said...

Hi, sorry no im not open on Mondays, housework and all that jazz. Tues to Fri and Sat mornings.

Mommy LaDy Club said...

Love your fabric choices!

Sandrine said...

Hey Susie, I have finished sewing my cushions with your lovely outdoor fabric, love the fabric easy to sew and beautiful! Will have to post about them soon! :)
Take care, Sandrine x

Teresa said...

Will definitely be popping in next time we're down the Coast - looks fabulous!