Monday, April 11, 2011

Remnant Tuesday is here again.....

Woohoo, this is a gorgeous filled remnant tuesday here at I Just Love That Fabric.

Pop over to Facebook page and comment SOLD  on any of these gorgeous remnants, we are starting early this week due to the school hols, so need just a little extra time for it all.

This weeks Remnants 12/4/2011

Great designer pieces, for crafts, creating or just simply because we want them.

Have a happy and fun week, and happy shopping too.

Susie x

1 comment:

SarahEliza said...

Hello Susie!

I just wanted to say I love your site!
I have followed your site and would love to add your button to my site, do you have a code for it?

I found you via link market and sent you a request. I hope I get to talk to you soon!