Thursday, July 1, 2010

Off To The Market

We are so pleased to be going to The  Village Markets, at Burleigh Heads on Sunday 4th July.

We will be taking along lots of fabrics on bolts, and designer off cuts, doorstops, our new yoga bags, cushions, black board fabric and lots more.

Come and say hello.  Just hoping the weather is warm.

See you there....

Susie x


Slices of Beauty... said...

Sounds like so much fun, enjoy!

Looking Glass said...

Wish I could :-(
Perhaps I can go market shopping in Sydney instead & just pretend I'm there!
~ Clare x

Rana said...

Wish I'd known I would of popped down and said Hi :)

bexta said...

Loved your store today. Great to find a local fabric store! Hope it all went well